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Basic information on IDS JMK

logo (1K)In the Integrated Public Transport System of the South Moravian Region (abbr. IDS JMK) are connected all the existing transport modes in the large part of the South Moravian Region as well as in its capital City of Brno. Under the same conditions you can travel in local trains, regional buses, public city transport of Brno (trams, buses, trolleybuses) and city transport in the cities of Adamov, Blansko, Břeclav, Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Hodonín, Kyjov, Vyškov and Znojmo (buses).petrov (1K) In all of these lines you can use the same tickets and pay the same prices and the very similar regulations are used. There are some exceptions, but they are less important. The IDS JMK tickets you can not use in speed trains and in Ex, IC and EC trains as well as in buses which are not operated by integrated public transport system. There is a variable tariff system used to determine IDS JMK fares. The fare is determined by the expected length (time) of your travel and the number of fare zones. As long as you do not travel more than the time and number of zones you have paid for, you can transfer as many times as you like, even from train or trams to buses and back again. You can not transfer with following tickets - the one section and two section/10 min. ticket (sold at regional bus drivers, not valid in the City of Brno) and the two railway stops ticket valid only in train.
zelnak You can get full assortment of tickets, passes and coupons at the integrated railway stations, DPMB (Brno Public City Transit Co. Inc.) offices, strategically placed (outdoor) coin-op vending machines, newsstands, hotels and some shops. You can buy the most important single-ride ticket to cover your fare and luggage directly from the driver in all vehicles of city transport (lines 1 to 99). You pay extra for this convenience: The tickets sold by drivers are more expensive than ticket sold elsewhere. In buses numbered 100 to 999 it is possible to buy the full assortment of the one-way tickets and without the surcharge.
Upon entering the first vehicle of your trip you must immediately "punch" (time-stamp) your ticket in a validator machine, which is placed near all entrance doors of vehicles. If you travel by train, you must punch the ticket before entering the vehicle on the platform.
oznacovacSlide the ticket in, face up, as indicated by the arrows, and the entry zone, date and time will be printed at the bottom of your ticket. From this moment the time-validity of ticket begins to run. If you change vehicles, DO NOT punch the ticket again! The ticket is valid throughout the zone that you first punched your ticket in (three digits printed by the validation machine) and in neighbouring zones, up to the total number of ticket zones. The special full- and more-day tickets for the City of Brno are valid only in tariff-zones 100 and 101. The tariff zones are marked at signs at the stops, in timetables, and on the map of IDS JMK or Brno city transportation network.
24-hour ticket is the best way for the whole family to know the regional capital - City of Brno in one day. This ticket is valid in the zones 100 and 101 for 24 hours since the punching. This ticket can be used as the Family Ticket at the weekends. Maximally two people above 15 and three children under 15 years of age can travel with only one 24-hour ticket. At the weekdays only one person can use this ticket. There are also 5, 14 and 30 days tickets.
If you want to make a trip outside Brno, it is highly recommended to buy a 24-hour ticket valid for all zones except zones 100 and 101 or a 24-hour ticket valid across all zones of IDS JMK. At the weekend it is also valid for a maximum of two people above 15 and three children under 15.
PetrovFor a longer stay in South Moravia or Brno and for a larger quantity of rides, it's economically favourable to buy a long-term ticket. At the railway stations, sales outlets (but not vending machines or newsstands) it is possible to purchase passes with coupons for 1 month, 3 months, or the whole year. You'll need a passport-size photo (size 3.5 x 4.5 cm) and an identity card or passport for the issue of pass. The validity of pass is determined by data on a coupon. Being a fare dodger is an expensive variant. We have plainclothes inspectors who can ask for your ticket at any time. We are permitted to fine those traveling without a valid travel certificate the sum of 40 EUR - on the spot!
Thank you very much for your patronage, and we wish you a happy journey and a pleasant stay in South Moravia and its capital City of Brno.
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