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How to get to or from the Airport Brno?

letisteTo the Airport Brno you can get very simply from the very centre of the City of Brno in the day and night.
From 05:30 (6:30 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) till 22:30 you can use the direct bus line No. E76. It departs accurately every 30 minutes from the Brno Main train station and goes via the Main Bus Station (it stops near the tram terminus Zvonařka) and continues directly to the terminus at the Airport Brno.
From 23:00 till 05:00 (06:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) you can use the night bus No. N89. It departs every 30 or 60 minutes from the Brno Main train station and goes directly to the terminus at the Airport Brno.
The travel time from the centre to the airport is in both cases about 20 minutes. For one journey you need the 2-zones ticket valid for 60 minutes. It costs 25 CZK for adults and 12 CZK for children younger than 15 years. The tickets you can buy directly at the driver for 1 € or 35 CZK.

Anyway we reccomend you to buy the tickets beforehand at the vending machines in the arrival hall or at the counter in the departure hall (payment in CZK only). In all cases tickets have to be validated after entering the bus.
From Brno you can travel by regular direct connections to the 3 capitals - Vienna (Austria), Prague (Czech Republic and Bohemia) and Bratislava (Slovakia). The journey to Vienna and Bratislava takes by train 1.5 hours, to Prague you travel by bus 2.5 hours. Ticket to these destinations costs approximately 8 GBP / EUR. There are also many connections to Olomouc (1.5 h.), Ostrava and Northern Moravia (2 h.). Travel planner in English is here.
In case of any question of public transport in Brno, South Moravia and the Czech Republic please do not hesitate and write us to [email protected].

Travelling to Prague

There is not a direct bus to Prague from the Airport Brno. But it is not complicated to get to Prague.
From the Airport use the city bus E76 and go about 15 minutes to its final stop - Brno Main Train Station. You need to buy a ticket for 25 CZK - 1 € at the counter in the departure hall or at the vending machines in the arrival hall.
From the main train station you can use lots of trains or buses to Prague. Trains cost 8 - 15 €, buses cost 8 €. Probably the best solution is to use the Student Agency yellow buses. You can buy the ticket on their web page beforehead:
Any other connection within the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic as well as to Austria and other states you can find on national journey planner:
Finding connection from Brno-Tuřany airport:
how to get from airport Brno If you want travel to/from Brno airport from/to big cities near Brno you can use this application for finding connection.
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